Saturday, 22 June 2013

I'm back baby!

It has been yet another long break between posts, I know, I'm pretty bad at consistency on the matter of blogging, but another post is finally here!

Training is now back in full swing after my accident and other events which hindered my progress. We started with a big strength block in attempts to build foundations to push big gears on the bike. It took me around a month and half to get back up to 2x bodyweight for squats, mind you I had dropped around 1-2 kilos in body weight during my build up. Once that milestone was hit, it was decided to try and maintain that weight with the squats and then start to focus more on power related exercises, such as Power Cleans and Clean and Jerks. From a Power Clean perspective, I have set myself the goal of completing a 100kg lift, It's not too far away at the moment, but that's not to say it's going to be easy going from here. I'm still keeping up with Dead Lifts, and still have the same old problem of starting to lose back extension when it gets heavy. It's still annoying. Press/Bench press has been backed off to once a week (alternating) and I'm doing Chin-ups every session. Yesterday, being Thursday the 21st June, I started to incorporate Front-Squats into my program. This means that Thursday's consist of 6 exercises and Monday's consist of 5.

During this strength fase, we started to focus on our diet's as to watch what we're eating. That was partially the reason, I believe, as to why my body weight is slightly lower than it has been in the past. It's nothing too special but essentially what has been changed is that, sugar and other simple carbohydrate has been cut back and other vegetables have been used to replace them, allowing for a more vitamin rich diet.

On to track news, the Dolan is now up and running, I am definitely enjoying it. Last Wednesday, 19th June, I switched out my 3T Scatto bars with some BT sprint bars. The BT bars have a further reach of about 2-2.5cm. I might have to replace the head stem to a slightly smaller one, as the increased reach might be a bit too much, but we're still looking into it. Last Saturday, 16th June, was my first racing since my stack at the Oceania's. They were keirins. It's safe to say I was perhaps a little hesitant as that was the last racing I had done. However, I did not let this get the better of me and I went into it and tried to play fairly aggressively so as to heighten my confidence. The racing turned out alright. I ended up coming 3rd in the A grade final, in a fairly exciting race.

What's next? I'm going to continue to give it my all in my training sessions and racing events, hopefully achieve goals and break some PBs.

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