Thursday, 12 July 2012

It's been a while.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as I'm sure you're well aware, i haven't posted in a while. The main reason for this, is that i have recently come back from a six week trip to Europe. The trip to Europe consisted of a flight, from Australia, to Dubai ( i know that's not in Europe). That flight was around 16 hours. We stayed in Dubai for about 3 days. From there, we flew into Italy. Rome to be exact. Following that we stayed in Venice and Iseo. After that we took a train down to France and stayed in the alps. We stayed in two more places in France (by the way, the country side is phenomenal). Following that, we went to Germany (Dresden, Berlin and Munich) I think, overall that Germany was my favourite place.

I have been back almost 2 weeks today now. So, i shall do as much as i can in terms of recalling my training.

We landed at about 5AM on Thursday (2 weeks ago). I went to sleep when i got home (around 7AM) and then woke up at about 4:30PM. Once i woke up i got ready and headed to training. As a result of six weeks off, all of the weights are reset. I started the session with 70kg squats, sounds light, right? It felt light. However, the following days were pained by DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). After Squats i jumped right into Press. The weight was also lowered to around 35kgs. After that was Dead lifts. All of the weights went up.

Two days later, still suffering the effects of DOMS, i had training at DISC. Because I hadn't ridden a bike for over 6 weeks, I managed to throw up straight after the warmup. Good fun. We did gate starts that day and I was fairly happy with them. My power numbers weren't too down and neither was my time out of the gate. I haven't lost any technique.

Two days later again, after finally recovering from DOMS i had, you guessed it, gym. Gym was fairly similar to Thursday, increasing in squat weight, by 5kgs. I also did bench press and power cleans. Everything went up.

On the wednesday I was at DISC again, i managed not throwing up this time, which was good. Unfortunately i can't remember what i did at that stage...

On the Thursday all of the weights went up, I am happy about this. The progression is steady.

The next Saturday I was told that I was to go for a road ride instead. This was so that i am not over working myself. So I did, i ended up going for a nice easy 65km ride.

Monday, more gym. Squats, bench and power cleans. All went up. I'm looking forward to getting to some heavier weights where it is a bit more challenging.

On the Wednesday we did motor bike efforts. I was doing something a little bit different to the other guys so that I build up some more base and some speed before going away to Adelaide in a few weeks time. The efforts i was doing were erring on the side of Strength Endurance. I threw up.

Today, being Thursday the 12, I had gym. Once again, all the weight went up without much trouble.

It's definitely good to be back. I'm looking forward to this season.

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