Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Strength Endurance, Quite Painful.

I left off just before Thursday, so i shall continue from there. Thursday, as per usual, I had weights. Squats, bench press and power cleans. Everything went up, which is good, i am still progressing.

On Saturday we had an ergo, due to track being rained out. It was set up to replicate a track training session. The efforts were strength endurance efforts and they were somewhat painful.

The Sunday was the first time we had hill sprints, they were one of the more painful drills I have done. these sprints were done to improve our resistance to lactic acid build up, or in other words, were strength endurance efforts. 

The following Monday I had weights again, it consisted of squats, military press and dead lifts. Everything went up except for one rep of my press, but i think it was from a slight lack of recovery.

The Tuesday consisted of another ergo. It was fairly similar to the one that was done on the saturday, with a couple of the efforts being slightly shorter.

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