Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Early Morning

As a result of my laziness, i didn't write a post last night. However, i have just woken up at 6:30 AM under coaches orders to prepare for having to perform in the morning. I was instructed to do something active, so i went for a walk once i had woken up instead of the suggested "play early morning drums" which i don't think my parents or neighbours would have been terribly pleased about.

To fill you all in, last night was spent in the wights room. The tapering had truly begun as it involved lifting of heavy weights very few times and jumping or even hopping onto the occasional box. After said training session was complete I went and stood in a blue wheelie bin full of very cold water. 11 degrees! After these activites were completed i hung around for a while and chatted with some of my friends who also train there about various things before heading home.

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