Monday, 30 January 2012

Club Racing

Last Saturday i didn't have training, so i went to Blackburn to race club races. I didn't have my bike so i ended up sharing one of my friends bikes. He had a 93" gear on it. I was racing a in B grade and he was in C grade, which allowed us to swap the bikes over. The events that were on were a scratch race, a kierin and a team pursuit. I managed to place first in all 3 events and secure myself a nice $30. It was a good day out, it's the first time i have competed in the club races for a long time.

Today I lifted heavy things and put them back down again. I, unfortunately, failed my squats. In my bench press i got 1 set but failed both of the others (by just 1 rep!). Following bench, i did Power Cleans. I am currently Power Cleaning the second highest on the board. My goal is to achieve the highest ranking of power cleans in my gym. Following Power cleans i did chin-ups. I did a set of 4 with a 20kg weight belt on and then did 6 pull ups. Weights was good today, a little disappointed with my squats but the rest was good.

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