Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Today has been a fairly long day. I rode to training (about 20kms) and when i got there i helped my coaches unload the bikes and things which were previously used by the U19s at Nationals. Generally they did quite well, they came home with a number of gold medals. Once this had been done I tok my bike down to begin my warm-up.

The warm-up was 50 laps behind the motor bike followed by a power jump and an entry + 100. Then the efforts began. They were done on medium to big gears. I like using the bigger gears. The efforts were motorbike efforts and were quite fast. We did 4 of these efforts and i hit a max speed of 71.9 km/h.

After the day's efforts I rode home. I was taking it nice and slowly. Around 5kms from home i started to get some cramps. They were pretty big and very painful. I had to get off the bike and wait around for 10 - 15 minutes before i was able to continue riding home.

Today's efforts were good, i had fun. I am enjoying training and am looking forward to nationals. Nationals is 7 weeks out.

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