Sunday, 26 February 2012

Another lazy week for updating my blog.

I suppose i will continue from where i left off. On Monday I had weights. I didn't get my original starting weight for squats, so i dropped down to 100kgs and did 10 reps. It was quite painful. Lots of fatigue builds up pretty quickly with that many reps. After squats i did dead lifts. They went up pretty well.

On the Wednesday I had training at DISC. During my warmup my power numbers were right up there, which means im back on track for nationals. The efforts were done on small-medium gears. The efforts were less intense than some of the more recent ones.

Thursday. Weights. I had squats, working on my form. Happily, the form was pretty good. Hopefully i will be able to keep up the form once i start getting to higher weights. Following Squats i did deadlifts again. I haven't been doing power cleans or anything that involves arms lately, as my wrist has been sore. I should be able to do arm exercises again by Monday.

Yesterday we did gate starts on small-medium gears. During my warmup i hit some pretty good power. My timing has been good and so has my speed. I'm looking forward to the team sprint at National.

Today i had state training, We did skills work and and gate starts. My power numbers were alright, but not quite as good as yesterday's.

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