Monday, 6 February 2012

ONLY 10kgs

Weights. Squats went up due to some weight being dropped. I am planning on dropping 10kgs for both volume and intensity days. This should allow me to work on my form and get passed my sticking point. Following squats i had bench press. It was volume day for bench press. The weight that i did is the same weight that i stalled on before moving to the texas method. That's a good sign. Next I did Dead Lifts. I got 2 reps done before stopping. I will need to reset some weight and work on form as well. Chin ups were next on the list, I only had a 10kg weight vest on because i am going for more rep and i think this will help strengthen me.

I feel motivated when it comes to weights, however, i would like to see more PB's.

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