Friday, 3 February 2012

Necessary Evil

Thursday was lifting of the heavy things. Squats were done at a weight slightly lower than normal so that i could work on technique. I think that i will be staying at a lower weight for a little longer to make sure that my form is good and so that i don't obtain any injuries. Following squats I did press, i think i will be dropping off a little bit of weight next time i do this. The weight is getting heavy enough that i will have to be increasing the weight by only half a kilo! Following press I did power cleans. I only did 1 set. The weight was equal to the highest on the board. Judging by my performance of the set i should be able to get the full 3 sets next time I attempt them. Weights are generally doing alright at the moment, so I am happy.

On top of today (Friday) being the first day back at school, I also spent the evening at DISC. Today consisted of longer efforts on medium sized gears. Each effort was more painful than the previous and the last one was very tough, but it will all pay off when it comes time to race! I am not enjoying the longer efforts quite as much as the shorter ones but they are a necessary evil.

The 3 days have taken a toll on my legs, they are pretty sore. Recovery time!

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  1. Sounds to me like that highest PC total needs to go up by 2.5kgs, keep you working...