Saturday, 11 February 2012

About 70kms/h

I didn't sleep too well last night. not sure why, but i still had enough energy to train. Before training i left early to go down to Brunswick to get my new road bike from the bike shop. It is an Avanti Quantum 2. It has a full carbon frame with a 105 group set. I have got RS80 wheels (carbon). It looks very nice as well.

Following the events of the morning i got to DISC (about 2 hours early) and had a chat with some people. During my warm-up my power numbers were down, but during the efforts they picked up again. The efforts consisted of chasing a motorbike for a lap and a half, which meant that we got some fairly high speeds.

I was happy with today, the power was down a bit but it's better than Wednesday. Tomorrow I have state training and the Sprint Series!

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