Friday, 10 February 2012

Almost like it was easy!

I was pretty flat on Wednesday. I rode in to training, i'm usually alright after the ride in, so i must have pushed myself too hard. There was also a head wind. Once i arrived at training i spent about 10 mins on the rollers. My power numbers were down in the power jump during the warm up.  After the warm up we started our efforts. Motorbike entries. Normally theses would have been fun, but because i was flat it wasn't as fast as i would have liked. My speed was still alright though.

Following Wednesday was Thursday (quite obviously) which meant the lifting of reasonably heavy things. If you've been following my blog, you would know that I have dropped about 10kgs on my squats to work on form. At the weight, my form was reasonably good. I think i will, however, stay at the weight until the technique is close to perfect before starting to move up. Following squats i did 5x5 press. The second set was probably the hardest, but every set after that went up really quickly (Almost like it was easy!). After press, i had power cleans. I only did one set. They went up alright.

The last two days of training have been pretty tough. Today, being Friday, I am recovering before a very long weekend of training ahead of me. Training Saturday, Sunday morning and then racing Sunday afternoon. I'm going to be sore on Monday.

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