Thursday, 1 March 2012

Jumping on top of boxes!

Monday consisted of weights, 3x3 squats, 5x5 bench press and some power cleans. Squats were fairly easy, still on a reasonably light weight to work on technique. The technique is pretty good, so i will start moving up in weight. I changed up my hand held positioning for bench press, to work more on my pectorals instead of my triceps. Then onto power cleans, i only did one set, because after the first set my wrist was hurting.

On Wednesday we did motor bike efforts. Lots of fun, nice and fast! My watts were reasonable too, very much looking forward to nationals.

Today, weights. Smashed out a single rep of squats, before going on to do some plyo's, press and power cleans. Jumping onto boxes was done, then lifting of things over my head began. I  got 2 sets of 4 and 1 set of 3 (instead of 3 sets of 5). Press is proving to be fairly difficult at this stage, i think i am going to have to go up in 0.5kg jumps instead of 1kg. Lastly, came Power cleans. 3 sets of 4 accomplished. I am now the equivilent to top of the records board in the gym. I'm pleased with that. Now to add more weight!

Nationals is 2 weeks out from today. I am starting to peak performance wise. I'm going to give it all i have.

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