Thursday, 8 March 2012

Heavy Squats

Monday. On Monday we had single squats in the gym. I also did 3x3 of bench press and 3x4 power cleans. We did singles because nationals is about a week away.

On Wednesday i rode down to DISC. during my warmup my power numbers were reasonable. We did motorbikes efforts an had to pass the motor bike and beat it to the finish line. Hard and fast.

Today we had singles again. Had a number of PBs. PBd in Squats, Power cleans, Press and I also did a chinup (and a half) with a 32.5kg weight belt.

Nationals is 6 days away. Very excited. Hoping for mid to low 34s 500m TT, a place in the Match sprints would also be very awesome and my team and I are hoping to give the Aussie Team Sprint record a whack!

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