Saturday, 17 March 2012


On Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, I had light training sessions. Wednesday was the First day of racing. It was pretty hot and the track was really fast. I hadn't slept well the previous night due to high amounts of adrenaline and I was ready to smash it. I warmed up with my fast wheels and aero-bars. I was on the rollers for 15 minutes before doing a power jump and an entry. When the time came for me to do a gate start, i was feeling pretty nervous. I came out of the gate pretty well, my first lap was feeling pretty good, i did a 19.1s first lap. The first half of the second lap was good, then i hit the wall. My legs died and so did my speed. My end time was 34.7s.

The next day was the match sprints. My favourite event. I qualified with a time of 11.555s. It was a PB. The first race that i did, i sat on the front and controlled it. I won. The second race, however, was against one of my training partners. He qualified four 100ths faster than i did. The first race i was leading and i jumped first. I decided to hold a reasonable speed and go for a double kick. Unfortunately, that didnt work. He came past me at the finish line. In the second heat that we had, i attacked and went under him, with just over 1 lap to go. I managed to beat him in that heat. In the final heat we ended up track standing in an attempt to make the other one take the lead of the race. I attacked with just under 3/4 of a lap to go. I fought to the finish but my team mate beat me to the line.

On the last day was the team sprint. I was in the gate. I did a 19.1 second first lap. The second rider came through and had our first 500 at a time of 33.9 seconds. Our last rider finished us off with a time of 49.853. We qualified 3rd behind our other Victorian team (who were supposed to be our B team) by less than a 10th of a second and behind the NSW team who broke the Australian record. We then raced of in the 3v4 final. My first lap was about 2 tenths slower than the first lap of our qualifying. We ended up finishing third with a time of 50.275. We won that race by 2 tenths of a second.

Overall i was happy with how my team and i went. Every event I did was a personal best.

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