Sunday, 22 January 2012


I woke up at 6:30 AM, went for a walk and then got all of my gear and packed the car. I started to head down to DISC with my family. We arrived at about 8:30. I set up my bike and and got ready for warmup. Once i had finished my warm up i went over to the straight where i would start my ride. My bike was put into the gate and i got onto it. Once everything was set up, i waited for the countdown. I came out of the gate a fraction too early which wasn't very good as i didn't get the jump out of the gate that i wanted. I got a time of 35.600s I wasn't very happy with this time. It game me a end placing of 4th.

On the second day of states we had match sprints. I qualified with a time of 11.7s. I was pleased with this time as it was an equal PB. The match sprints came after. I was happy with the way i raced them. For most of the races i sat on the front and controlled it. I ended up placing 3rd overall in the sprints, so i am happy with that.

The first day wasn't very good, but the second day was much better.

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